What To Expect

Library Camp NYC is inspired by the principles of Unconferences and will try to adhere as much as is possible to the principles of the open spaces approach to meetings. Attendees should expect that the day's events will offer:
  • Knowledge sharing
  • An informal and relaxed atmosphere
  • Free wifi (just tell us when you arrive that you'd like a guest login)
  • Food
    • Juice, coffee, bagels in the morning
    • Sandwiches and drinks for lunch (vegetarian options will be provided)

Welcome Session (9am - 10am)

As attendees arrive and check in, they will be directed to room 14-220, which is the largest meeting room on the floor. Outside that room will be complimentary juice, bagels, and coffee for attendees. By 9:15, the event facilitators, Steven Kaye and Stephen Francoeur, will welcome attendees, explain how an unconference works, and begin the process of finalizing the program for the day. Anyone who wants to lead a discussion session will write their proposal on a form (distributed at the registration table upon arrival) and pass it to the front of the room. By 9:35, the call for proposals will end and the event facilitators will try to map out the proposals to the blank program grid. By 10 am, it is hoped that the day's program will be finalized and posted on the wiki.

Discussion Sessions (10am - 3pm)

  • Discussion sessions will start at 10 am and be either 60 minutes or 80 minutes in length
  • All the breakout rooms are on the same floor (the 14th)
  • Breakout rooms will have
    • PC with internet access
    • Wifi access for all (ask for guest login when you arrive in the morning)
    • Projector and screen
    • Whiteboards and dry-erase markers
    • Tables and chairs arranged in a conference table format
    • Copy of the finalized program
      • If the session you're sitting in isn't what you had hoped for, by all means get up and go to another session that may be more to your liking
  • Each session will have a moderator or facilitator
    • that person can make a presentation but is expected to share the floor and to lead discussion
    • the whiteboards are a great place to scribble down ideas that get mentioned and to help record the flow of the discussion
  • A volunteer should be found to take notes at each session
    • At the wrap-up session at 3 pm that all event attendees will be at, there should be a 2-3 minute report (oral, not written) by a representative of each discussion session: the notetaker or facilitator or anyone else who volunteers
  • If the whiteboard gets used, someone should try to take a picture of what is written on it and share those images on the wiki, on flickr, a blog post, or with the event organizers

Wrap Up Session (3pm - 4 pm)

  • Event facilitators will ask for volunteers to report back on what transpired at each of the discussion sessions.

After the Event Is Over

  • Each discussion session in the program will be given a final page in the wiki and may feature:
    • Notes taken by any attendees
    • Links to blog posts, flickr photos, etc.