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1 Timeline of Library ILS Vendors - Marshall Breeding :

At the end user librarians are currently dissatisfied with the unresponsiveness of the vendor.
It is also a large cost per annum ~ 30-50k pa
People started looking for alternavies

2 Next Generation Catalogs :

2.1 Commerical
The Library Corporation created Aquabrowser - A layer on the curent ILS

2.2 Commercial Search Engine based :
Endeca Powered system - McMaster and NCSU
Fosters discovery by exposing more of MARC content to user- Library 2.0 Catalog.

2.3 Open Source
Georgia Public Libraries - A bunch of programmers who went live with home grown version of ILS
End of 2006 Called Evergreen [Implemented by the Pines Group]

Being used by Georigia Pines. Pines creates a user friendly rich way of getting into the user content.
VALE is now looking into the feasability of using it. (Whitepaper: )
- Reports are run as queires against a postgresql
- Control is still @ the programmatic level and not nearly at the level of librarians.
http:// - Lucene based opensource NLS by Villanova. Open source - but support can be bought from 3rd party - LibLime Opensource programmers for creating an ILS.

3. Next Generation Landscape
- Mellon Institute is providing a grant for developing ILS : They are interested in a full ILS
- Extensible Catalog ( is a user based front end.