August 14, 2007
10:00 - 11:20 am
Room 14-285

Moderators: Janie Hermann, Janice Painter and Ellyssa Kroski

Session Notes

This was more than a show and tell. The topic was Getting 2.0 Buy In, Keeping Up and Sharing 2.0

More academic librarians in attendance than all others.

Started out with defining what is Library 2.0 : using 2.0 tools within the library context. Customer use inside of the library. Mashups of data, integration of databases, customer comments.

Concern with are they really being used? Actual statistics usage.

"booklovers" wiki at Princeton Public designed for summer reading club (taught people how to use the wiki; biggest stumbling block was how to code wiki)
PPL PoetPodcast (how did they PR this? - mainly word of mouth, Library Garden, on the library's webpage, other bloggers picked up on it) allowed comments on the blog. Got close to 5,000 visits in one month!

Keeping up or how to get the staff buy in? -

-Facebook (reference librarians all have accounts)

-class dvisions between MySpace and Facebook was brought up

-purchasing disability software that allows access for everyone

"Some of the technologies are easy to use and some of them are not..."


Web 2.0 (and Library 2.0) is about trust, trust in the collaboration of the users

is 2.0 a way to bring "light" users back into the fold?

2.0 what does it mean. Better technology.

John Blyberg points out that 2.0 is really about collaboration rather than just technology upgrades - used example of flickr as an example fo gradual growth

who has second life accounts and flickr?

Let me see what is out there that will make my patron's lives easier

"technology is seductive"

what makes the library more usable and accessible to the patrons

identify the need and where and what the level of the technology adoption of you patrons

How do we engage the voices that aren't within the web 2.0

Library 2.0 tags

feeling overwhelmed by all that is there

what are the measurements of the success of a program or additional service? Are there any measurement tools?

QUEENS introduced an emerging technologies class and it was immensely popular

Buy In
How do you get staff buy in - Wiki is not push technology, it is pull. Maybe force them to use it (NYU example)...

What are the pros and cons of using the wiki.
-it is a very democratic authorship mechanism

How do you prove to people that a wiki is better than email.

So what is a wiki good for - manuals, staff information

Notes and Comments from Attendees:

Ellyssa Kroski:

Here's the link to the post about the Reference Statistics database in Zoho Creator. Check it out and feel free to copy the application for yourselves!
Also, here are a few of the tips for keeping up that I shared during the session:
  • I subscribe to the library2.0 tag in my Bloglines news reader (scroll to the bottom of that page to see the RSS link)
  • I divide my feeds into those I read everyday and those that I only read sometimes
  • I make use of the Clippings folder in my newsreader, creating subject-based subfolders such as "social networking", "privacy", etc. and then when I find an article or report, I pop it in one of them for later research
  • When I want a quick overview of what's going on in the Web 2.0 world, I check out PopUrls which aggregates the top headlines from over 50 sites including Digg, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube,, Odeo, Yahoo! News, etc.
  • For what's happening in Library 2.0 I read these blogs: Tame the Web, Library Stuff, Librarian in Black, Stephen's Lighthouse,, Shifted Librarian, and many others. I write iLibrarian and InfoTangle
  • For Web 2.0 I read TechCrunch and Read/Write Web among others
  • Hope this helps! - Ellyssa Kroski

Janie Hermann:

  • If you are interested in how we created the PPL PoetPodcast Blog for free, read about it on this post at Library Garden.
  • Please note that the BookLovers Wiki is no longer being updated as we have upgraded to using comments in the catalog. When we had it active for the summer reading club in 2006 it was a premium wiki with no advertising and a matching skin to go with the logo. We have reverted to a free wiki and have lost some of the features, including a custome skin

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